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TrafficTarget provides low price alternative to gain visibility on the ever-emerging web business. Either you have a blog, a shop, an app launching page, or anything else in between, we provide the best solution for growing your keyword visibility and ranking.

You just have to provide us the URL you want to receive your visits, the keywords you want to optimize for, and your regional search engine. As soon as a payment is processed, your service will start and can be monitored within 24 hours by Analytics.






Get access to your personal traffic control panel. Quickly and easily manage your active traffic services, website URL and target keywords.

A basic accounting/billing system allows for quick and easy way to view and pay invoices. The mass payment option provides an easy way to manage different service payments.

Upgrade and downgrade products : Take control and use our traffic to help you with your current needs

Control Panel
Control Panel


To ensure the best communication we have a highly efficient Ticketing System

This system assures that the right department within our company gets your Questions or Requests, this way making customer support trully enjoyable.

We strive for your growth and success with our product and we will try to solve and provide as many answers as we can to you.

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Some of the basic concerns and frequently asked questions. Our support team provides 24/7 email support and we have an advanced ticketing system, to ensure best quality service.

The traffic we provide can be easily seen in your Awstats, Piwik or other website metrics but we strongly recommend Google Analytics. You just have to make sure you are monitoring the exact URL you have entered when you setup your service. If you are not sure how this works, we can help you set up free of charge.

We accept anykind of payment, including Paypal, Bitcoin payments proccessed with Bitpay . At the moment we are not providing a way to pay with credit cards. If you don‘t find your preffered paying method, contact us and we will find the best solution.

YES! 100% Adsense safe. We have a wide network of partner websites that re-routes traffic through browsers that don't show ads, a similar effect you would get by using AdBlock in Firefox or Chrome. So these visits will not show up in your Adsense Account.

Directly, the service we provide doesn‘t guarantee conversions, but it has an impact on improving your visibility on the search engines, thus indirectly you should get a boost in traffic that will convert.

If you want less than 30000 visits per month. Or want them delivered over a week, or even a day, or if you want big organic traffic volume, such as more than 2 Million visits per month, get in touch with us and we will make you an offer.

Our traffic services we provide can also come from regional searches. For the US package, the traffic comes exclusively from United States IP‘s. The UK traffic comes exclusively from organic searches done within the United Kingdom, and come from regional search engines like .uk . This packages are exremely useful when you want to gain keyword visibility within local search queries. We can offer also from other major countries like India, Holand, Germany etc.